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Customer Satisfaction

"Planning the "perfect" wedding reception was a high priority for us. Greg's Mobile Entertainment was an excellent choice and provided personal and prefessional service at a reasonable price. Greg was easy to work with and he always made us feel that if there was ever anything we needed, just ask! Greg looked sharp in his tux and was an excellent master of ceremonies...he kept the party alive! Thanks Greg!"
- Mike and Courtney R.

Sights and Sounds

Following are video examples of parties or events I entertained. Visualize what Greg's Mobile Entertainment can do for you.

These videos are formatted for Real Player. If you do not have Real Player, please take a moment to download the player here.

Sun and Ski Sports - Tour de Donut
Private Party 1 - Lighting Effects
Private Party 2 - Lighting Effects

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a DJ over a band?

Bands are usually comprised of several members so they are going to charge considerably more than an individual. Secondly, bands take breaks periodically during the course of an evening, so who will entertain your guests? I do not take breaks, but I do play continuously throughout your event.

Can I give you a request list?

Certainly. I welcome any suggestions or preferences you may have. Remember, I will be working for you. Bear in mind, in a 4 hour event, I generally can play approximately 60 songs, and less in the case of a Wedding Reception where toasts and cake cutting, etc., are scheduled in the event. I have had clients in the past give me four legal-size sheets full of song titles, so choose accordingly!

I'm worried about some of my elderly guests being overwhelmed by the loud music, what do I do?

I carefully monitor the room, making sure that the volume is always at a comfortable level for conversation, such as at the beginning of a reception or during dinner, etc. Again, I work for you so any adjustment is never a problem.

I might have some songs of my own that I would like to have played at my party. Is it acceptable for me to bring you my own selections?

Again, this is like a request list and yes. If there are selections you would like to provide, feel free to bring them to me and I will fit them into the playlist. Of course, digital media (Compact Discs) would be preferrable, but if you require a cassette player, just let me know in advance.

What if my guests would like to make a toast, can you provide a wireless microphone?

Certainly. I always carry a wireless microphone to every show.

What happens if my party guests are having a great time and I want the party to continue?

Overtime is never a problem. I do not stack events back to back, so if you require my services longer than 4 hours, just let me know. I will be happy to accommodate you! There is an hourly overtime rate which I will add to your contract.

In case of a malfunction, what is your back-up plan?

I always have a back-up plan in place so you never have to worry about malfunctions during your special entertainment event.